About Us

We Are a Unique Property Buying Firm

GWG Properties is an unusual and exclusive team of investment professionals who not only have a background in real estate, but in the construction industry as well. This means we have the kind of expertise that no traditional real estate agent or ordinary property buyer can bring to the table.

We Specialize in “Unmarketable” Real Estate

We specialize in properties that have been deemed “unmarketable” because they have been damaged, neglected, condemned, or vandalized. Unlike the average home or business property buyer, we want the real estate that no one else wants. We have purchased and re-purposed properties ranging from $14 thousand to over $1.5 million dollars. There is virtually no piece of property that we cannot or will not tackle – no matter how disastrous it may be.

We Specialize In All Kinds of Properties

We purchase all kinds of residential properties, including single-family homes, townhouses, condos, and duplex- to four-plexes. We also purchase all manner of commercial properties of virtually any kind, from apartment complexes of all sizes, to trailer parks, office complexes, business parks, warehouses, and any form property or acreage.

We Specialize in Helping People

We specialize in helping distressed home and property owners who are facing personal and financial hardship because of real estate gone wrong. People are often faced with life challenges that mean they have to sell their home or property quickly, whether they want to or not.

We Specialize In Solving Problems

We are real estate experts who solve real estate problems – whether they are personal, financial, or situational. We can help distraught property owners get out from under disastrous real estate by buying – and transforming – pieces of substandard property.

We Care About Georgia’s Communities

Georgia is our home –and that’s why we focus on real estate in this state. We believe in helping people and communities throughout Georgia by finding opportunities to purchase real estate that is deemed “unsellable;” properties that no one else wants. No matter how disastrous, uninhabitable, or unmarketable a property may be, we can and will buy it – even if it has been damaged or destroyed by fire, floods, or other catastrophic events.

We Help Sellers Turn Their “No-Win” Problem Properties Into “Win-Win” Property Profits

We care about the welfare and wellbeing of every seller who comes to us with a difficult real estate dilemma. Since 2003, we have helped hundreds of unfortunate individuals who thought they were out of options and had nowhere to turn. If you need to make a decision about what to do with a piece of property – and you need to make it quickly – let us help you make the best decision possible. We can offer you straightforward, honest answers and unbiased advice, so you can turn your “no-win” problem property into a “win-win” profitable property.