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  • Investments Gone Wrong: Dealing With Bad Renters

    We get this question often: how do I sell a house if it has renters in it? It’s sad to say but we’ve heard this story a thousand times. I’m sure your situation has unique characteristics but bad renters have been a problem for property owners since the advent of property ownership. It’s not your […]

  • Is Hiring A Realtor Worth It?

    We need to get a few questions answered first: Do you have an urgent situation that requires you to sell your house fast? Do you have circumstances the might inhibit your ability to sell your house on the traditional market? This includes things like being behind on your mortgage or HOA payments, liens against the […]

  • We want to buy your land!

    Undeveloped land might be the hardest type of real estate to sell. Especially if that land happens to be a outside of the major metro. The vast majority of small acreage landowners purchased the property years ago either on speculation or with the hope to build a house on it in time. As tends to […]