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    When I Miss a Mortgage Payment, Should I Call My Bank?

    How will communicating with my mortgage lender help my situation? We can’t say it enough – if you miss a payment – pick up the phone and talk with someone at your lending institution as soon as possible. People often wait until they’ve missed 2, 3 or more payments, paralyzed with anxiety, hoping their situation […]

  • Help, I’m In Danger of Foreclosure!

    Is there any way to renegotiate my mortgage payment? And should I?  Back before the housing market’s bubble imploded, losing a home to foreclosure wasn’t the common occurrence it’s become, and banks didn’t care much for renegotiating mortgages, because they didn’t have to. But times have changed. In the past few years, lenders and banks […]

  • What Happens if I Miss One Mortgage Payment?

    What if I miss 2, 3 or more payments? When am I in danger of foreclosure? Missing a mortgage payment isn’t going to happen if you’re faced with a car repair bill, or a new pair of glasses. Most money problems that a homeowner has to deal with can be absorbed without their train jumping […]