• I need to sell my house immediately!

    If you are in an urgent need to sell your house right now there is some information you absolutely have to have before making any rash decisions. Here’s the cold, hard truth You are an ideal candidate for scammers who are looking to take advantage of people. Why? Because you have an urgent need it […]

  • We Buy Houses in Georgia Fast for Cash

    If you’ve been in the Phoenix area longer than seven or eight minutes, you’ve seen and / or heard at least a half-dozen advertisements for people and companies looking to buy your home. Have you ever wondered how that all works behind the scenes? Why they’re all so insanely frantic to get you to call […]

  • What is a Synchronized Transaction?

    Do any of these describe you? You want to buy a new house but you need to sell the house you’re in first. You need the equity in your current house to buy your new house. You can’t sell your current house yet until you find your perfect new house. You can’t buy your perfect […]

  • How to sell your house FAST when you’re out of state

    Selling an out-of-state home can be tricky but it definitely isn’t impossible. However, it’s important to understand your situation first before trying to apply “tactics”. Which of the following applies to you? Everything is perfect – all of the following are TRUE: The house is in immaculate, “show quality” condition. There are no repairs required […]

  • Remodeling Your Kitchen | The most important room in the house

    Do kitchens really “sell” houses? When you need to sell your home quickly, chances are that you’ve heard “kitchens and bathrooms are what sell houses.” Every HGTV home-selling program – from “Get it Sold” to “Designed to Sell” to “Buying and Selling” almost always includes some kind of cosmetic fix to a kitchen and/or a […]

  • Carpets | The most cost effective way to sell your house fast

    We all know – “it takes money to make money,” and getting a home ready to sell is a perfect example of this idea. The great paradox about needing to sell your home quickly because you need the money – is that you need to spend money that you don’t have in order to do […]