• Selling an Inherited Home Through Probate

    The legal process of probate is rarely easy, and typically comes at a time of grief. If you recently inherited a home and were appointed the executor to the estate, you have a long list of responsibilities that may leave you feeling overwhelmed. By inheriting property, you typically have three options (source): Move in Rent […]

  • Are Realtors Worth It?

      There’s a lot to think about when it comes to selling a home. So much, in fact, that many opt for the assistance of a realtor to guide them through the entire process. But are realtors worth it? Why Realtors Are Helpful Selling a home without a realtor is time-consuming, complicated and can still […]

  • Home Repairs

    Do I Have to Repair My House Before I Sell?

    Unfortunately, nothing about selling a home seems easy. There are important decisions to make throughout the time-sensitive process; and perhaps one of the most important decisions is whether to repair your house before putting it on the market. There will ultimately be risks in making costly repairs or selling the home “as-is.” The safest way […]