What is a sucker price?

For an in-depth answer check out number 3 on the list of “4 questions cash buyers do not want you to ask”.

The “sucker price” refers to a tactic that scammers use to lock up control of your property. They lock you into a contract that obligates you to sell them your home by promising you your asking price (or any a price that’s higher than they intend on paying) and then they exhaust your time table. Once you’re at the end of your rope and desperate to sell, they come back to you with a story explaining why they can no longer pay their promised purchase price and have to drop their offer. They are planning on the fact that the time they’ve wasted forces you into a position of having to sell your house to them at a discount.

If you want to avoid a sucker price make sure you work with a company that has a solid reputation and can justify their offer price. This is absolutely crucial. If the offer price sounds too good to be true then it is.

How fast can you close?

We have the ability to close in 48 hours! With that said, sometimes the process takes longer but not because of us! Real estate transfers must go through a title/escrow company and these companies have a number of things they MUST, including:

  • Prepare deeds
  • Prepare closing docs
  • Prepare settlement statements
  • Check on taxes delinquent taxes
  • Check on HOA’s and HOA bills & transfer fees
  • Prepare Title insurance for Buyers
  • Ensure trusts, LLC’s Power of Attorney’s are legit
  • Easements
  • Deed restrictions
  • A LOT more

Often times this process takes 10-15 days assuming there are no hang ups, holidays, long weekends, etc. A “typical” real estate transaction takes 30-45 days but we aren’t a typical real estate company so our average is much faster.

If you’re in a situation where you need funds sooner than the closing process will allow we can help with that. Just let us know what your situation is and we’ll assist in figuring out the details.

If I decide to sell my home to GWG Properties, how does the process work?

We know you’re in a stressful situation, and we work to make sure your experience as simple and easy as possible. Click here for an in-depth look at how it works. Otherwise, here’s the quick version:

  • Provide us with the basic information on your property and your situation. You can call us at 480-500-7884 or you can fill out the form on this page.
  • Once we have an understanding of your situation and details on the condition of the property we can typically make a cash offer immediately. The offer, if accepted, will be contingent upon verifying the details provided.
  • When you accept our offer, we’ll set a closing date that meets your needs. In some cases, we can close in as little as 3 days. We can also arrange to purchase your house while still allowing you and your family to stay in it for a reasonable amount of time while you make alternate arrangements.
  • We will close on the agreed upon date, and present you with your choice of a cashier’s check or a money wire.
Is there a fee to have you look at my home? Is there a fee if you buy my home?

Absolutely not. There is never a fee to look at your home nor  are there any fees when we purchase your home. There are no costs to the homeowner ever! Not only do we pay all closing costs but we also never ask you to make any repairs, clean-up or provide any home inspections. Just in case this isn’t 100% clear: there are never any costs incurred by the home owner ever.

I’ve heard there “hidden charges”, do you charge any fees?

Absolutely not! When we say there are no costs to the homeowner, we mean it. We do what we say we can do and deliver what we say we can deliver; there’s a reason we’re called “GWG Properties” – because we are! There are companies that will charge you a brokerage fee, commission, listing fee, inspection fee or a myriad of other miscellaneous charges that they use to try to monetize your situation. We are not one of those companies. You will never be charged and we cover all costs associated with the transaction.

How long will it take to sell my house or property?

Typically, you can have your home sold and have cash in hand in as little as 3 days – or we can accommodate any time frame you need. The “real” answer will depend on your situation and any barriers to transferring title that might exist.

If you prefer, we can accommodate a longer sales cycle should your situation call for it. We can also make arrangements to allow you and your family to stay in the home after closing. Just let us know what you need and how we can help!

How will I receive the money?

We can arrange for your choice of a cashier’s check or a money wire directly to your account. All transactions are recorded through a title and escrow company.

If you make an offer on my property – am I obligated to take it?

Of course not! You are under no legal obligation to work with us. Our fair cash offer is provided free of cost and in good faith in an effort to earn your business. Even if you don’t accept our offer you will benefit from the wealth of knowledge that our seasoned real estate investors will provide. Regardless of whether or not you choose to accept our offer, we hope your experience with us will empower you to make the best decision for your needs and your situation.

What if I decide I don’t want to work with GWG Properties?

No problem! We want to help you make the best decision for yourself and your family. We will always provide the very best information and an honest assessment of your situation. If our offer does not work for you, or you’re not sure, or you change your mind, it’s not a problem. We have a strong reputation in the valley and want to keep it that way. We’re aiming to earn your trust and your business.

How do you come up with the price you are offering for my home or property?

First – every property is unique. Second – we are unique in the way we approach your property. We will look at a number of factors to determine the value of your property, including:


    • the condition of the home


    • square footage


    • age


    • location


    • style


    • kind of home/building/structure


    • curb appeal


    • size of lot


    • acreage


    • neighborhood


    • surrounding properties


    • property usage


    • cost of repairs


    • available comps


    • “rent-ability”


    • projected future appreciation

There are many factors, large and small, that go into determining the worth of your property. Know that we have the experience and ability to assess your property from more angles than any realtor or other investment company can offer, and we will always do our best to offer a fair price – and always in cash. If you’re interested, we wrote an easy to follow guideline on how to determine what a house is worth.

I’m facing foreclosure – will you buy my property?

Yes! In fact, we can often help you avoid foreclosure entirely. The sooner you contact us the easier it is for us to help you with your situation. You can read more about our in-depth strategies for foreclosure avoidance.

I’m in foreclosure – is it possible to buy my property?

Yes, we have a number of options that will allow us to purchase your home and still avoid the mark of a foreclosure on your credit record. We have spent years negotiating with banks and are experts on foreclosure avoidance. Remember, it is absolutely possible to stop foreclosure. If you’re interested, here’s an article on stopping foreclosure.

I need to do a “Short Sale” – can you do that?

Yes, we can handle the vast majority of short sale situations. We are experts in “short sales” and we know how to negotiate directly with banks and lenders so that your home sells quickly.

I have to leave the state to work – can I sell my property even if I’m not there?

Of course, we can arrange for you to sign documents anywhere you are. In fact, we have dealt with property owners who were out of the state through the entire process. The transaction is conducted via phone and online and we usually have a notary visit you wherever you are on the date of signing. We have even dealt with Clients who were traveling internationally during the home buying process!

I Still Have Tenants in My Property - Can I Sell It While They’re Still There?

Absolutely – we have experience with all kinds of rental properties (and all kinds of tenants). If you are a landlord, we can make the entire process quick and easy, and we will take care of handling your tenants.

A real estate agent told me my property wasn’t marketable because it’s in such terrible shape. I can’t afford to fix it up. Is GWG Properties interested in a home like mine?

Absolutely – these are exactly the kind of homes and properties we’re looking for, because those are the homes we specialize in. We buy vacant, vandalized, condemned, flood-damaged, and/or fire-damaged real estate every day! Don’t worry, for GWG Properties, there is no such thing as a property that is “too terrible!”

What kind of people sell their properties to GWG Properties?

We deal with people from all walks of life who are interested in selling a piece of real estate quickly and easily, and who want to work with a firm that puts people above profits. The people who come to us are property owners who want and need to sell for many reasons:

  • They may be frustrated with no results after working with a real estate agent, or wish to avoid commissions.
  • They have become discouraged by the current real estate market in Georgia.
  • They may have a home that is in very poor condition, or in a difficult neighborhood,
  • They may have a home that needs more repair than they can afford.
  • They may have inherited a home they don’t want, or have a home with title issues.
  • They may need or want to sell quickly due to a job transfer, a divorce, or a bankruptcy.
  • They may be struggling with late mortgage payments or even facing foreclosure.
  • They may just not want to deal with the hassle of selling a property. 
What kind of company is GWG Properties?

GWG Properties is the foremost home buying company in the Valley, and we’ve been buying substandard properties and helping distressed homeowners since 2003. We are unusual in the world of property purchasing investment companies because we are multifaceted. First, we are investment and financial professionals, second – we are building and reconstruction experts, and third – we understand the world of real estate and how it works – especially in Georgia’s tough market. Our diversity means that we can do and offer many things that other companies can’t.

What kind of real estate will GWG Properties buy?

The answer is simple – we can and will buy any kind of house, building, structure, vacant property, or undeveloped property or land. And we buy at any time, no matter what the personal or financial situation may be, or what kind of condition it’s in!

Where do you buy real estate?

GWG Properties buys real estate anywhere in the continental United States. Our primary areas of focus are:



Southern and Central California

Texas (specifically Austin)






New Mexico




If you have a house that isn’t in one of these areas that does NOT mean that we’re not interested. Please contact us and take us up on our offer of a FREE and FAIR cash offer.

Are there examples of properties you’ve purchased we can look at?
Will you buy multiple properties

Yes! We buy land, houses, commercial property, apartments, condos, multi-family homes and (in some cases) even trailers. If you have multiple properties that you need to sell at once we’re more than capable of purchasing all of your properties at once.

Often times when someone dies their estate has numerous properties that need to be handled. It is important to understand the probate process in order to properly deal with these properties. This is something GWG Properties has extensive experience with.

I don't know where the deed to my house is, will you still buy it?

Yes! Assuming there are no others issues (liens, creditors, etc.) we’re more than capable of purchasing your home if you have lost the deed. This is a relatively easy problem to solve in most cases and often just requires a call to the County Recorder’s Office.

I'm going through a divorce, can I sell my property without my spouse knowing?

As with all legal matters we strongly urge you to seek legal guidance. With that said, in the vast majority of cases we can purchase a property as long as it isn’t jointly owned. This can also depend upon what stage of the divorce you are currently in. Make sure to seek legal council to ensure you are not unintentionally doing anything illegal.

Do you purchase properties that have tenants in them?

Yes! We will honor the existing lease you have with your tenant and in many cases will want the tenant to stay even longer. Our properties are professionally managed and cared for so your tenant will be treated fairly and respectfully during the purchase process and throughout their stay.


Can you help me find my next house once you buy this one?

Yes! This is referred to as a synchronized transactions and it is one of our specialties.

If I sell you my property do i need to have a Realtor?

No Realtors are required when you sell your property to us. That’s one of the many benefits of working with GWG Properties, you avoid Realtor commissions. However, we encourage and urge you to seek professional guidance. We have Realtors on staff as well as associate Realtors we work with if you are interested in speaking with one.

What is a title company?

A title company in the state of Georgia is a neutral 3rd party that provides title insurance, makes sure that the title to the real estate is questions is free of any liens and/encumbrances and creates a place of signing between buyer and seller.

Why do I have to pay for title insurance?

A Title insurance policy protects the named insured against title defects, liens and encumbrances existing as of the date of the policy and not excepted from coverage.

What is earnest money?

Earnest money is your confirmation of the seller accepting your offer.

Will I have people coming tracking through my home?

You could have agents and/or investors coming thru your home but no one will enter without your conceit.  A lockbox is placed on your home and we closely monitor any access to the box.

My spouse is on title with me and now we are divorced but I got the house in the divorce - Is this going to be a problem?

No not a problem at all.  Just need a copy of the divorce decree.  Depending on the situation we may need a deed signed.

What does signing mean?

Signing is when you go to the title company and sign your closing documents.

What does recording mean?

Recording is when the title company hands over your warranty deed and stamps it as property transferred.

What does selling mean?

You have a ready willing and able buyer.

When can I turn off utilities?

You can turn off utilities the day of closing.

I can’t get off work to sign the closing documents.

That’s ok.  Our title company has mobile notaries that can meet you almost anywhere.  There could be a additional cost for this service though.

Do both my spouse and I have to be there to approve and sign the documents?

In the light of time it is always best if you both come together but our title company provides the highest level of service and if we need to make 2 signings work we can.

I’m leaving on vacation the day of closing - how do I get my money.

Our title company will have you complete a document at closing and on that document you can choose to receive your money by wire.  (Additional Cost)

Why am I paying for taxes?

Taxes are paid in arrears.  Our title company will help explain to you on the HUD how taxes are paid.

My tenant already paid me rent for the month - How do I transfer the remainder to the new buyer and the deposit?

Our amazing title company will handle that on the HUD once the lease is provided to them.  It will show on the settlement statement.