Foreclosure is an absolute last resort | You have other options

Are you buried under personal debt – and a mortgage you can’t pay? Do you need to move out of your home quickly because of urgent personal issues, like job relocation, divorce, or – tragically – a death in the family? Do you have a home that’s in such poor condition it’s impossible to sell without a huge investment of money – that you don’t have?

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’re looking at letting your home go into foreclosure because you’ve simply run out of money, options – and hope. But you need to know – no situation is unwinnable – we can help you even after you’ve gotten the dreaded foreclosure notice. We’ve even stopped foreclosures just hours before an auction. Our motto is – “Nothing is impossible. Impossible just takes a few more phone calls.”

Foreclosure is not your only option

If you think foreclosure is your only option, then – before you do anything else – give us a call. Homeowners like you are the reason we started our company, GWG Properties. We’re a team of multi-faceted investment professionals who live right here in the Valley of the Sun, so – believe us – we know this real estate market. Not only that – we lived through the mortgage meltdown that started in 2006. That means we know where you are – and we’ve been there. It also means that we know what you’re up against – and more importantly – what you can do about it.

Our organization handles homes in helps struggling homeowners get out from under a home or piece of real estate that’s drowning them financially. As a team – we’re dedicated to finding you not just a “so-so” solution – but the best solution available to you. Here’s what GWG Properties can do:

  • we can help you even if you’re in the middle of foreclosure
  • we can will give you a fair-market, 100% cash offer
  • we can close quickly – often in as little as 3 days
  • we can buy your house no matter what the condition – even if it’s literally falling apart –
  • we can buy homes with structural, plumbing, and electrical issues and code violations
  • we never require appraisals, alterations, or repairs before we buy a home
  • we can save you the time, hassle, and commissions a realtor would cost you
  • we can help you salvage your credit score so you can buy a home again
  • we can help keep the black mark of a foreclosure off your record
  • we can help you deal with title issues, divorce, and probate

GWG Property Brothers will buy any home, any property, anywhere, for any reason – no matter hopeless the situation looks

Whatever the problem is with the home, building, structure, or property – and we do mean whatever the problem is – we can take over and handle it for you, it does not matter. GWG Properties buys the homes that no one else will touch.

You may not realize how little time you have if you’re in a home that’s moving toward foreclosure. That’s why we urge you to give us a call, find out who we are, what we do, and how we do it. There’s no obligation, no cost, because we’re interested in giving you guidance that will help you first, not just in buying your property. Our guiding principle is that life only works when you pay it forward, and we’re only successful when you’re successful.

That’s not only our mission statement – it’s just how we roll.