The Hard Truth About Trying to Sell a Home “Quickly”

There are too many homes for sale to expect a “quick sale” on your home

There is still a surplus of homes for sale here in the Valley of the Sun, and that means buyers can – and will – be very picky. So selling your house can take a long time. Buyers can afford to be picky because they have a lot of houses to choose from. They can pick and choose, and more often than not still buy for below asking price, even for a home that’s worth far more.

The reality is that – if your home isn’t in pristine condition, in a great location, and priced well – it’s not going to sell for what you think it should, or probably even what it was worth 10 years ago. This has happened to thousands of people here in Georgia, as well as in the other markets GWG Properties handles around the country.


What you need to know about the real cost of selling a home

At GWG Properties, we believe that knowledge is power, and the more you know about the reality of real estate – the more you’ll understand what we can do for anyone who needs to sell their house quickly. The truth is this that no homeowner understands what the real cost of selling a home actually is – and it’s not just about the money. Almost no one ever takes realizes or takes into consideration how grueling selling their home actually is.


Want to try to make a profit on your home? You’ll be surprise at how hard it is

Selling a home for an actual profit means your home needs to be in great condition, and that takes money, money to make improvements. You will need to do the “cosmetic upgrades” that will make your home stand out and above all the other homes. This is because – no matter how great your house is  – Georgia’s real estate market is still a buyer’s market, as many other places in the country are.

$elling a home is $tressful; – financially, emotionally, psychologically, & physically

Selling a home is not just financially stressful, it will take a toll on you and your family’s physical health, as well as your emotional and psychological well-being. And if you’re in the unfortunate position where you need to sell your home quickly because of a difficult financial or personal situation – it may be more than you can handle. You need help. We know you need help, because we were there, we understand what you’re dealing with, and we know what it takes to get through it.

Selling a home through a realtor often fails the people who need funds fast

Sometimes a client will come to us after working with a realtor, and enduring months of frustration and disappointment because their house hasn’t sold. Every client we’ve had who has come to us after a realtor either dropped their listing – or refused to list their house entirely, has told us they just had “no idea” what would be required of them. They had no idea how little they might actually realize from a sale, and they were astonished at how much work it was to get their home ready to “show,” let alone get a potential buyer to make an offer.


Realtors want you to a lot to your house before they’ll even list it

Most of our clients were told that their home was either unmarketable in its current condition, or it would be very difficult to sell unless “repairs” or “cosmetic upgrades” were done. And the list of these cosmetic upgrades can be a very, very long one. It can also be very, very expensive. In short, these homeowners were completely unprepared for how much they would be required to do just to have an agent list their home. The reality of the real estate business is that – just like raising a child or getting married – no one is ever really prepared for it.

GWG Properties will buy your home – and you don’t have to do

Why do we do this? Because when we created our business model, we realized that true success isn’t possible without creating a positive situation – a “win-win” for all involved. This is why our mission statement is based on giving, guiding, and service to our community. If we don’t create that “win-win” positive experience for you – we aren’t doing our job. We aren’t successful if you aren’t successful, it’s as simple as that.

GWG Properties creates a “win-win” – we want your success – that’s our job

The goal at GWG Properties is your success; a happy ending for you and your family. That goal defines what we do – we help our clients work their way out of a bad situation – and into a good one. We make sure your needs are met, and that you and your family are in much better shape after we work together than you were before. Your satisfaction is why we do what we do, and that’s what makes our business model work.


GWG Properties new series that examines all aspects of selling a home – and tells the truth about what that means


Because your success is what we want, we’ve created an informational guide called, Real Estate Reality Checks. When our clients come to us, their biggest problem is that they don’t know anything about how to sell their home, or the realities of how much work it actually is to sell their home. We want to create look at some actual facts and figures on the real process of selling a home, about the real costs of getting a home ready to sell, and about what you can expect if you go through the traditional real estate agents approach to selling a house. We’re going to talk about the kind of information no one else will give you. We’re going to talk about what homeowners actually have to deal with in order to sell a home. We’re going to explore what people call “insider secrets” in some cases, and examine why they don’t work. We’re going to bust open a few myths, and try and give you a wake-up call so you can protect yourself, and your family. We believe that if you know what you’re getting into, you’ll be in a position to make the best possible choices.


Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.

— Kofi Annan

Ask yourself  – how much do you actually know about the real costs of selling a home?

Stop and think for a minute; what do you actually know about how much money goes into selling a home? Do you know anything for a fact? Do you have actual dollars and cents figures? Do you know what the timeline is for different steps to selling a home? Do you know how long it actually takes to sell a home – on average? Do you know what will happen, what might happen, and what could happen if push comes to shove and worse goes all the way to worst?

If you don’t – this is why we created our series: REAL ESTATE REALITY CHECKS

In spite of the proliferation of online research and DIY programs on HGTV like “Get it Sold,” “Love It or List It,” and “Curb Appeal,” we have discovered that very few people – and that includes actual realtors – have a handle on what really goes into selling a home. So we’d like to offer you some insight into the process, and we’ll start – of course  – with the money you’ll need to spend just to get your house ready to sell.

If you want to sell your house – you have to “spend money to make money” – and sometimes it’s a lot of money

One of the most important – and expensive details that homeowners never take into consideration is the need to do the “cosmetic upgrades” to their home in order to sell it for anything close to the asking price. These cosmetic upgrades include everything from minor repairs and maintenance, to re-painting and/or re-carpeting, to replacing appliances and even – remodeling kitchens and bathrooms.

We can virtually guarantee you that you have no idea how many “fixes” your home may require in order to bring in a solid offer – or even get a possible buyer to step foot inside your front door.

A home that isn’t in “mint condition” isn’t going to sell quickly – that’s the reality of Georgia’s real estate market today

It’s simply a fact: if your house isn’t “attractive” – if it needs some cosmetic or maintenance help – buyers won’t even give it a second look in today’s market.  And if your house has “problems” inside or out – many realtors won’t take it on, and a majority of buyers won’t give it second look. The bottom line is that – if you need to sell your home quickly – your home needs to be in mint condition and in a fabulous location. This is the reality of the real estate market today.

This means that there’s no way around it; unless your home is brand new or you’ve kept it in pristine condition, any realtor is going to tell you to do some “cosmetic upgrades” so your house shows well enough to get a decent price. This is when you need to ask yourself honestly – do you have the time and money to fix up your home so it will sell quickly?

If you don’t have a good answer for this question – this is why we created our series: REAL ESTATE REALITY CHECKS

Where to start? Look at your own home the way a buyer would see it

One of the first things we ask people to do is to look at their home from a stranger’s viewpoint, someone who has no emotional connection or financial investment in your house. If you were a young couple, or a family looking for a home – what would you see as you walked through your home today? Not in a few days, a week, or even a month – but today? Don’t fool yourself and imagine what might look “after you do a few things,” but ask yourself, honestly and realistically, what kind of condition your home is in right now?

What problems does your home have?

Now, imagine people – both realtors and buyers – traipsing through your kitchen, your living room, your bathrooms, and your bedrooms; really look around. What are you noticing? Do your walls need painting? Does your carpet need cleaning? Is the kitchen old, are your appliances outdated? Does the bathroom tile need repair, is the bathtub grungy? Do you have hard surface flooring anywhere that’s damaged, or needs to be replaced? How about the outside of your home? Is your front door peeling, is there a broken porch step, is your landscaping patchy, brown, or non-existent?

If you answered, “Well, uh – yeah, maybe” to even one of these questions, then it’s time to face the truth – there won’t be many people in the market for your home – and virtually none who will buy your home a) for the price you think its worth, or b) quickly. Unless you get busy and fix what needs fixing, your home will sit, unsold – perhaps indefinitely.

So – what to do? Do you know what repair work and “cosmetic upgrades” will make the difference in selling your home, how much they’ll cost, or how to price out what needs to be done? More importantly – can you afford to do the work, can you physically handle the work, and can you deal with the difficulties you will encounter, and the time it will take – emotionally and psychologically?

We want you to know how tough it is to sell your house the old-fashioned way

You need to know what you’re looking at in terms of labor and cost in order to make an informed decision about how you want to go about selling your home. GWG Properties’ goal is to advise, guide, and educate our clients about their choices and their options. In this series we’re going to show you the realities of what it takes to sell a home quickly, because we know that only then will you be able to decide if that’s something you really want to do.

If you could sell your home today – for cash – without cleaning it, painting it, or doing a single thing to it – would you?

Our mission at GWG Properties is two-fold: first – we advise, guide, and educate homeowners who are either facing the loss of their home – or need to sell their home quickly because of a difficult personal situation. Second – we want to help homeowners by offering them the opportunity to sell their home quickly – for cash.

You can listen to our clients, they’ll tell you what we do and how we do it here. (insert link) They’ll tell you that – yes, GWG Properties will purchase your home without the inspections, appraisals, repairs or “cosmetic improvements” that realtors and buyers will require you to do – quickly and easily. We promise that you don’t have to do anything at all – except pack and move – and we will buy your home totally “as is.” You can have cash in your hand – in as little as 48 hours. We’re proud or our record, and our clients’ testimonials demonstrate how effective and uncomplicated our process is.