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  • What Happens if I Miss One Mortgage Payment?

    What if I miss 2, 3 or more payments? When am I in danger of foreclosure? Missing a mortgage payment isn’t going to happen if you’re faced with a car repair bill, or a new pair of glasses. Most money problems that a homeowner has to deal with can be absorbed without their train jumping […]

  • I Just Missed My First Mortgage Payment – What Do I Do Now? 

    Your mortgage payment is due by the 1st of the month – and it’s the 3rd – you missed your payment date for the first time since you bought your home – what do you do? If you’ve missed a mortgage payment – here’s the WORST thing you can do: NOTHING. Don’t call. Don’t respond. […]

  • Why Are So Many People Still Facing Foreclosure?

    FORECLOSURES: If the Real Estate Market in Georgia is “Improving” – Why Are So Many People Still Facing Foreclosure? If you’ve recently listened to the nightly news and heard an anchor cheerfully proclaiming that “Georgia’s housing market is improving…” or that “The nation’s real estate sales and prices are steadily rising….” and wondered how economic analysts […]