We want to buy your land!

Undeveloped land might be the hardest type of real estate to sell. Especially if that land happens to be a outside of the major metro. The vast majority of small acreage landowners purchased the property years ago either on speculation or with the hope to build a house on it in time. As tends to be the case, life happens and derails those plans.

Owning vacant land is a lot like burying your money in a cement pit. You technically still have it but it’s going to be really hard (if not impossible) to cash out. Further, land represents substantial risk from a tax and personal liability standpoint. Deglecting (or forgetting) to pay your property taxes can result in a laundry list of financial problems.

Heaven forbid someone has an accident while on your land (with or without your knowledge) and you could be facing a lawsuit. Even if they were trespassing on your land you now have to prove that you weren’t in any way “negligent” which is a term lawyers have gotten very good at stretching to suit their purposes.

If you currently own land anywhere in the United States and you’re interested in selling it contact us today! We’ll give you a fair cash offer for your land within 24 hours. If you choose to take us up on our offer we can close almost immediately and send you home with cash in hand. In many cases we’re even able to purchase land “sight unseen” due to the nature of the transaction.

There aren’t many options to people who are looking to sell land fast for cash. Trying to list on the retail market is nearly impossible, usually because Realtors aren’t exceptionally excited about what usually amounts to a much lower transaction price than a house or developed property.

If you’ve inherited land and aren’t sure what to do with it we can help with that as well. Navigating the probate process is a daunting task but something we’ve done more times than there are numbers for. We can act on your behalf, make sure there’s no risk or liability for you and pay you cash quickly for your land.

If you want to sell your land, quickly, for cash and without doing any work contact us today for a free, no obligation cash offer.