What is a Synchronized Transaction?

Do any of these describe you?

  • You want to buy a new house but you need to sell the house you’re in first.
  • You need the equity in your current house to buy your new house.
  • You can’t sell your current house yet until you find your perfect new house.
  • You can’t buy your perfect new house yet because you haven’t found someone to buy your old house.
  • You can’t afford to pay two mortgages!


The vicious cycle outlined above can be absolutely maddening. The sad truth is that most people just throw in the towel and live with it. If you don’t have that luxury and you absolutely have to find a way to make it work you are usually faced with a long string of compromises that leave you and your family in a less than ideal situation. But what if…


What if there was a company (way/method) that was willing to buy your current house and help you find your new house? What if they had a tried and true system for timing the entire process so that it worked as one seamless transition and allowed you to move from your old house to your new house without any hiccups?


That company exists and you’re reading their blog. Our blog. My blog? You get it.


GWG Properties offers what’s called a synchronized transaction, some people think of it as a “house swap.” We start with putting your house under a purchase contract so you know that we’re committed to buying your house when the time is right. You get to stay in the house as long as you need to while we find your new dream home.  Once we put your house in escrow, we can actually have the Title company calculate your net proceeds in advance so you know, before you take another step, how much equity/money you have before you buy your next home.  This allows you to have clarity and transparency about your future down payment so you can feel confident and informed before you even start looking for another house!


Our professional team of real estate agents then gets to work finding the perfect new home. As you probably already know, finding a home to purchase is a delicate process and shouldn’t be rushed. Our synchronized transaction process gives you the freedom and flexibility to take your time. Because we’re the buyer for your first property you don’t have to worry about communicating with us or getting the dreaded “what’s the hold up?” message.  We work synergistically on both legs of this transaction so you can shop confidently and comfortably for you dream home, and it doesn’t matter if it takes us 3 week or 3 months, we’ll ensure you have ample time to find the perfect home!


Once you’ve found the perfect house, inspections are complete and we’ve negotiated the best possible price we get to work making sure that the closing is a perfectly smooth process. In the vast majority of cases we can actually do a same day close for both homes! This means you sign all of the documents the same day and don’t have to waste any more time than is necessary trying to tie up loose ends.  This process means you don’t have to find a short term rental after you sell your house, you don’t have to move twice, you don’t have to pack twice, and you don’t have to worry about storage or dealing with the complexities of becoming a Tenant in some cheap rental while you look for your dream home, saving you a tremendous amount of time, money and hassle.  With GWG Properties you go from your house to your new house all in one day!


It gets even better! After you have purchased your new home wouldn’t it be fantastic to have the freedom and flexibility to take your time moving from your old house to the new one? We can arrange that too! We’ll work with you to schedule a move out date that ensures you’re not stressed out or under the gun to immediately vacate the premises. We can even help you with the logistics of the move.


Lastly – you don’t have to do anything with your old home. No maintenance, no repairs…you don’t even have to clean up! Leave it as-is and we’ll take care of everything.


Using the GWG Properties team for a synchronized transaction can give you the freedom that you’ve always needed to get out from under the home you’re in and into the home you’ll love.


And for those of you with a “special” situation, don’t think for a second that you’ve got an issue we can’t handle! Bankruptcy, divorce, short sale, foreclosure, hoarder home, distressed home, etc. etc. etc. I promise you that we’ve seen it all and we’ve solved it all. Don’t give up on a solution before giving us the opportunity to show you how we can solve it.


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