Distressed Houses

We Buy Distressed, Neglected, & Damaged Houses & Buildings

GWG Properties will buy the most disastrous pieces of property imaginable. We purchase homes and buildings that no one would set foot in, and we do it every day. There is literally no property that we will not consider just because it may be incredibly distressed, shockingly neglected, or seriously damaged. We focus specifically on this particular kind of real estate; real estate that’s in such bad shape that no one else wants it, because if no one else wants it – we do.

No Matter What. Where, or How Bad the Condition – We’re Interested In Your Property

Think you have the worst piece of property in Georgia? Don’t worry, It doesn’t matter if it’s a house, condo, apartment building, office building, trailer park, warehouse, undeveloped property, condemned property, or completely uninhabitable and unwanted piece of property – because if it’s in tough shape, we’re interested. We can give you a fair price for your property where no one else will.

How Can We Buy Real Estate That No One Else Will?

We are a team of professional investors and construction experts who will look at your piece of property differently. Plus, we aren’t dependent on outside sources for capital, we have our own funding strategies specifically geared for problem properties. In the current real estate climate, a lender would never consider financing a property in truly terrible condition, but we can, and we can make an offer on a cash basis. This is why we’re considered the foremost property purchasing and investment company in the Phoenix area; we have the financial resources to purchase homes, buildings, and structures that:

  • are more than 50 years old
  • are vacant and boarded up
  • are uninhabitable
  • are structurally unsound
  • are functionally obsolete
  • are in a terrible or dangerous neighborhood
  • have been vandalized
  • have been damaged by fire or flood
  • have been condemned
  • have mold
  • have asbestos
  • have outdated plumbing and electrical systems
  • have fallen down

We Buy Unsellable Real Estate – & Help People & Communities While We Do It

We not only help individuals with their impossible-to-market real estate, we can also help communities through finding ways to restore or remove structures that are defective, damaged, or even destroyed by fire, floods, and other catastrophic events. We feel this is a great way to rebuild troubled communities and help them thrive! We have purchased, owned, rehabbed, and repurposed properties that range from $14k thousand to over $1.5 million. We work with sellers who have single family, multifamily, apartment buildings, business structures, and land the need to sell quickly, because we can always find value in a piece of real estate – when no one else can.