Foreclosure Avoidance

Facing Foreclosure? We Can Help

Everyone deals with misfortune at some point in their life, and sometimes it can cost you the most valuable thing you own – your home. If you are facing foreclosure, or – even more importantly – are actually in foreclosure – you have options you may not think you have. Contact GWG Properties; we know how to handle short sales and foreclosures because we help people in those situations every day.

A Short Sale May Be the Answer

Even if your home is already in foreclosure, GWG Properties can help you change course and come out of a tough situation like this without the black mark of a foreclosure on your credit record. Often, when a home is in foreclosure, a short sale of the property can be great option. When a home is in foreclosure, a short sale may be preferable to losing the home.

When Considering a Short Sale – It’s Important to Know Your Rights as a Homeowner

You need to know your rights as a homeowner and how to protect yourself and your family when making this kind of important financial decision, and every situation is unique. At GWG Properties, we don’t just believe – we know – that knowledge is power, and we can provide you with the unbiased advice and honest information you need to help you make the best financial decisions for you and your family. We can explain every aspect of the short sale process to you – and what your options are.

In a Short Sale – Your Debt Can Be Completely Settled If Done Correctly

It’s important to know that Georgia is one of a handful of states that has a “no-recourse” provision when it comes to short sales. This means that if you do decide to short sell your home, your debt can be settled if done properly. This is a huge advantage, and that alone can be reason enough to consider a short sale. GWG Properties has the experience to help you make not just an informed choice, but the best choice for your family. Our track-record proves it.

In a Foreclosure You Need to Move Quickly

In circumstances like this, however – time is never on your side. Unfortunately, the longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to change the outcome from a “no-win” to a “win-win” situation. This is why it’s important to just pick up the phone and call us. The team at GWG Properties is always happy to give consultations – and there’s never any obligation. We can walk you through every scenario and give you the straight-forward, honest information you need to make the best possible decision in the shortest amount of time. At GWG Properties we have your best interests at heart, because your best interests – are our best interests!