Relocation / Job transfer

Forced to Sell Your Home Because of a Career Shift?

Good news! You’ve been promoted, which is wonderful, but sometimes a promotion means that you and your family need to relocate for your job. In this economic climate there are also many instances where moving ahead in your career also means moving somewhere else, often to a new city, and sometimes even to a new state. Job security is great, but it can also be a moving target that forces you to sell your home – whether you want to or not. What’s even more difficult is that sometimes a change like this needs to happen quickly, because finding a new home can only happen when you sell your old one. Taking your time isn’t always an option.

Forced To Sell Your Home Because of a Job Loss?

When the economy took a hit, some companies and small businesses were forced to downsize to cut costs, and a lot of talented, skilled people lost jobs and businesses they thought they were secure. When you find yourself in the position of having to sell your home because you have to take a job elsewhere – that can be difficult. But when you have to sell your home because you’ve lost your job, that can be devastating. In either situation, selling your home is often the best – and sometimes only solution if you want to avoid being buried in debt.

When You Have to Sell Quickly – Time Isn’t On Your Side

Finding a buyer for your home can be difficult; 3 to 6 months is the average, and that’s for a house that’s in tip-top shape, in the best area, and in a good neighborhood. Unfortunately for sellers, in Georgia – there are a lot of homes like that on the market today. Buyers know they can take their pick – and they have the luxury of time on their side. Plus, the hard truth is – if a buyer knows you’ve either been relocated for work, or lost your job, they know they have an advantage – and they have you at a disadvantage. They will have no compunction about offering a ridiculously low amount for your home, knowing you may be desperate.

When You Have to Sell Quickly – But Your Home Is In Bad Shape

If selling a home in good condition is hard to do quickly, then selling a home in poor condition is truly difficult, and the chances of selling it quickly are almost impossible. You may even have a home that a realtor won’t touch because it is deemed “unmarketable.” And whether you’ve been relocated or lost your job – chances are you don’t have the money to put into upgrading a house to make it “marketable.”

Why GWG Properties is Unique – We Buy Homes In Any Condition – Quickly

This is where GWG Properties is truly unique; we aren’t realtors and we don’t believe any home is unsellable because of it’s condition. Plus, we aren’t interested in selling it for you – we’re interested in buying it from you, and we have the resources to do it. We can do what no real estate agent can do for you – we can get you to closing so that you have the cash in your hand – quickly and easily.