Who We Are

GWG Properties is a professional real estate investment firm right here in the heart of the Valley of the Sun. We specialize in buying real estate throughout Georgia for a fair price and on a cash basis – quickly and easily. We are unusual in the world of home buying companies because we are multifaceted; we can do many things that others can’t:

  1. FIRST We are an investment company:
    we specialize in developing funding strategies to purchase problem properties; we’re experts at structuring independent financing. That means we’re able to purchase properties other acquisition specialists can’t or won’t consider.
  2. SECOND we are seasoned professionals in the fields of construction and renovation:
    we can assess and properly appraise the issues a property may have, and what rehabilitation may cost, so we can give you a truly fair-market cash offer.
  3. THIRD We’re experienced in the world of real estate:
    we know the Georgia real estate market inside out, so we know how that aspect of the market functions and how to help home owners who have been unable to sell their property either with an agent, or on their own.

No matter what kind of real estate you have, where it is, what condition it’s in, or what your situation is – we can provide you with a straightforward and honest way to sell that problem property, and solve your financial crisis.

We Can Help – Fast!

At GWG Properties, we specialize in buying difficult real estate, and we can do it quickly. In a majority of cases, once a seller has made up their mind, we can start immediately, and move the process along in days – or even hours – rather than the months a traditional realtor might take to sell your home. In fact, we’ve helped sellers close on their troubled property within a week – when they were already in foreclosure!

We Handle Any Situation & Any Property – In Any Condition!

Are you currently struggling with trying to sell your home because of any of the following scenarios?

  • lost your job
  • trouble making the payments
  • going through a divorce
  • going through bankruptcy
  • facing foreclosure
  • in foreclosure
  • need to move for a job
  • in the military & relocated
  • forced to retire & downsize
  • inherited a property & don’t want
  • inherited a property & can’t afford
  • house in disrepair, can’t afford to fix
  • home no longer worth purchase price
  • unable to refinance
  • property with liens or title issues
  • property was investment – turned into liability
  • on market too long – realtor dropped
  • rental property filled with bad tenants
  • property in undesirable location, ie – airport
  • home in dangerous neighborhood
  • abandoned property
  • home in poor school zone
  • home is distressed, cosmetically unmarketable
  • hoarder home uninhabitable
  • home damaged by fire or flood
  • home is structurally unsound
  • home has asbestos or mold problems
  • old home, electrical not up to code
  • old home, plumbing not up to code
  • need cash quickly

How We Work

We have the capital and funding strategies to purchase real estate that no one else will touch, and we have the collective expertise to help people in seemingly hopeless situations. Plus – we’re right here in Georgia; we aren’t in another state and you won’t work with people you’ll never meet. We’re in a position to help you sell your home or property quickly because we aren’t in the business of selling your property for you the way a realtor would – we’re in the business of buying your property from you.

Our company has an exclusive team of investment and real estate professionals with more than 10 years experience in Georgia’s real estate investment market. Together, we have the skill and knowledge to handle the toughest real estate properties and most difficult financial situations.

Have a Home or Property You Need to Sell – But Can’t?

When difficult physical, emotional, or financial circumstances force you to sell your home it can be devastating, but what can be just as devastating is having a home that you want to sell – but can’t sell – because of its condition or location. At GWG Properties, we specialize in buying this kind of problem property throughout Georgia, because we have the capital and funding strategies to purchase real estate that no one else will touch. Not only that – we will give you the best possible offer for that property – no matter what its condition or location may be.

We Are the Answer to Georgia’s Problem Properties

We have literally seen and handled every possible worst-case scenario; no property and no situation is beyond hope in our book. Time is not on your side, however; it’s important to get the facts you need to make a decision as soon as possible. At GWG Properties, we’re always happy to evaluate your property and circumstances and give you a consultation with absolutely no obligation – ever, so pick up the phone and call us today. We are the answer to Georgia’s problematic real estate market.