Properties We Buy


What kind of properties do we buy?

The answer is simple – we can and will buy any kind of real estate – from a 700 square foot single family home, to commercial structures that are well over 200,000 square feet. We can and will buy undeveloped properties whether they are build-to-suit, platted, parceled, or raw acreage. We buy properties anywhere in Georgia, any time, no matter what kind of condition the property is in, or what the personal, financial, and/or legal situation may be!

We Buy Residential Real Estate of Any Kind

When it comes to residential real estate, Georgia has been particularly hard hit; money is tight, times are hard – and many homes have lost value. GWG Properties is in a unique position, however, because we are a real estate investment that buys properties right here in Georgia. We know and love the Valley of the Sun, and because of that we know the market in this area inside out. We have our own financing options that private individuals may not have access to – so we can and will buy any kind of residential real estate property, including:

  • single family homes
  • multi-family homes
  • condos (condominiums)
  • townhomes & townhouses
  • duplexes
  • triplexes
  • four-plexes
  • rental homes
We Buy Commercial Real Estate of Any Kind

If residential real estate is in trouble, you can be sure that commercial real estate is in even worse shape. Georgia may be in “recovery” from the economic downturn, but it’s a long, slow recovery that can be tough to see. GWG Properties specializes in investment and funding strategies that mean we can purchase commercial real estate properties that may have been empty for years. We can and will buy any kind of commercial real estate property, including:

  • small apartment buildings (1 – 4 units)
  • larger apartment buildings (5 units – 500 units)
  • mobile home parks
  • commercial strip centers
  • retail buildings
  • office space & office complexes
  • raw land
  • developed land
  • vacant land
  • commercial land
  • residential (platted land)
  • parcels or individual parcels
  • build to suit land
We Buy Real Estate In Any Condition

There are also many reasons why a property may be difficult to sell. Whatever your situation is – know that we have a solution! We can and will buy:

  • distressed homes
  • neglected homes
  • old homes
  • abandoned and vandalized homes
  • hoarder homes
  • homes with structural, mold or asbestos issues
  • homes with plumbing & electrical code violations
  • homes damaged by fire and flood
  • bad rental properties with bad tenants
  • homes & properties in undesirable neighborhoods
  • properties with liens or judgments
  • properties with title issues
  • homes in need of extensive renovation
We Buy Real Estate Quickly

Sometimes the property is not the problem – the problem is that it needs to be sold as quickly as possible, without the lengthy, frustrating, and expensive process of dealing with a real estate agent – and then having to pay a commission on top of that. And of course, a seller may need to sell as quickly as possible because the property is in danger of being lost to foreclosure; an all to common and sad occurrence here in Georgia in these past few years. Know that GWG Properties can and will buy properties that need to be sold quickly, no matter what the circumstances might be, including:

  • homes in danger of foreclosure
  • homes in foreclosure
  • job loss
  • job relocation
  • military transfer
  • divorce
  • bankruptcy
  • illness
  • death
  • unwanted inheritance
  • retirement
For GWG Properties - No Property Is “Unsellable” and No Situation Is Impossible

If you are hesitating because you think that your home or property is simply “unsellable,” call GWG Properties as soon as possible. We understand what you’re going through, we want to help, and we’re committed to “win-win” solutions that mean the best for you and your family. We are happy to give you a free consultation with absolutely no obligation – ever. We can offer you straightforward information on what your options are, and honestly advise you on what your best course of action might be. We are Georgia’s answer to problem property!