I Need to Sell Fast!

What Is a “Quick Sale?”

The term “quick sale” is often used interchangeably with “short sale,” but they couldn’t be more different. Simply put – a quick sale is a seller’s dream, and exactly what you – as a seller – want. It means that a seller puts a house on the market, a buyer steps up with an acceptable offer in a very short period of time, the seller accepts, and the house is sold; just like that. Quickly, easily – a home is purchased and the seller receives the money in a short period of time – with no hassle, and no problems. If you want to sell your house fast then you want a quick sale.

Georgia Real Estate – Bad News for Fast Sales

The problem currently facing much of the country is that the housing market is still in trouble – and this is certainly true in Georgia, where supply still exceeds demand. Unfortunately, this means our real estate market is currently a buyer’s paradise, and that’s not great news if you’re a seller. According to one source, the number of houses for sale in the metro Phoenix area alone has climbed 40% in the past year, so if you want or need to sell your home or property it’s going to be more difficult, especially if you need to do it fast.

How Long Will It Take to Sell Your Property If It’s In Good Shape?

Given these depressing statistics – how long does it currently take to sell a home or piece of property in Georgia in today’s market? Believe it or not, even a home in great condition and in a great neighborhood can still take upwards of 3 to 6 months to get to closing, sometimes longer. And even a home that’s in great condition will still need some repair or cosmetic work to get it ready to sell – and repair or cosmetic work takes money. If you need to sell your house and you need to sell it quickly, money and time isn’t something that you have a lot of.

How Long Will It Take to Sell Your Property If It’s In Poor Shape?

Hard as it is to sell a home in good condition in a short amount of time, you’re in an even tougher place if you have a home or property that’s difficult to market. What do you do if you have a home or structure that’s been neglected, is in a poor neighborhood, or is simply distressed – and you need to sell it fast? A piece of real estate like this can languish unsold for years, because few real estate agents want to handle it. So, what do you do if you have a home that’s all but impossible to market?

Do You Need the Money From the Sale of Your Property As Soon As Possible?

You need to sell your home quickly and efficiently for the best possible price. We need to purchase homes – and we’ll do it quickly and efficiently and give you the best possible price! We are fair, we are fast, and we can handle all the footwork for you, so you can have cash in your hand in a matter of days, rather than months. You don’t need to hire a realtor, a contractor, or call a lawyer – you just need to sell your home – and we can make that quick and easy for you.

If You Need to Sell Your Home or Property Fast – Call Us

This is where GWG Properties can help you find – not just answers – but the solution to your problems in the form of a fast and easy sale of your home. It truly does not matter what kind of condition your property is in, or how dire your personal circumstances are. We help people who are in trouble, because we know how to work with problem properties. GWG Property Brothers can and will help you, when no one else really can. We have the resources and the expertise to cut through the red tape and get to your closing in as little as a week – check our testimonial pages for examples!