• Why Are So Many People Still Facing Foreclosure?

    FORECLOSURES: If the Real Estate Market in Georgia is “Improving” – Why Are So Many People Still Facing Foreclosure? If you’ve recently listened to the nightly news and heard an anchor cheerfully proclaiming that “Georgia’s housing market is improving…” or that “The nation’s real estate sales and prices are steadily rising….” and wondered how economic analysts […]

  • Foreclosures – What You Need to Know About Your Rights

    The truth is that any homeowner who is struggling to pay their mortgage, who is in danger of foreclosure – is struggling with an incredibly stressful and emotional ordeal. Thinking clearly is not always possible, so at GWG Property Brothers we feel it’s important to counsel anyone who comes to us so that they understand […]

  • How to sell your house FAST in four steps

    Sell your house fast in four steps If you’re sitting on a piece of property that you need to get rid of it can feel like the property is sitting on top of you. What do you do if you want to sell your home fast without being taken advantage of? Here’s the four step […]

  • What Can You Do To Stop a Foreclosure?

    If there’s one thing we believe in at GWG Property Brothers – it’s that you can always turn a negative into a positive. So – can you stop your foreclosure from happening? Of course you can – in certain circumstances and at certain times in the process. Remember – a foreclosure doesn’t define you – […]

  • Georgia Foreclosures – What You Need To Know

    Georgia Foreclosures – What You Need To Know When it comes to foreclosures – you would be surprised at how much confusing information there is out there, and how difficult it is to really understand what’s going on. At GWG Properties we understand how bewildering the process can be, and how tough it can be […]

  • Foreclosure – The Negative Long-Term Effects

    The Negative Long-Term Effects are Both Emotional and Financial The financial fallout from a foreclosure is very real, but the emotional distress that you and your family will deal with after you go through foreclosure can be just as debilitating. Studies show that losing a home through foreclosure can be just as traumatic as divorce […]